I was born in Lancashire, England and have always had a passion for storytelling. It may have been the rundown nature of the textile town I was raised in, but even my earliest school stories tended to have a flair for the dystopian. Even the rather negative views of my Year 8 English teacher marking down my favourite story for being “too dark” didn’t seem to deter me. What did she know?

In 2009 I began working closely with two fellow writers, sharing ideas and occasionally collaborating on short stories. What started as a hobby has quickly developed into a desire to move into writing fulltime. This has been further spurred on by seeing one of these friends, Georgina Kamsika, become a published author and attend Clarion West in 2012.

My main interest is in writing for television or film, while my stories tend to lean towards the political science fiction genre. I love long story arcs and building realistic, but fictitious, worlds for my characters to “play” in.