Completer Finishers

Whenever I’ve taken those work personality tests, the one role type I seemed to avoid like the proverbial plagues was ‘Completer Finisher’. I’m an ideas guy. A thinker. Finishing is for other people.

Anyway, I took December off writing to bask in the glory of my NaNoWriMo 50,000 words. The downside to this is that my novel runs the risk of entering the limbo phase occupied by so many of my writing projects (mainly screenplays). When there are children in the family, several factors must be considered when choosing the perfect dog for your lifestyle: the ages of the children and type of living quarters, you can get more info about this inĀ

So spurred on by George and her advice to ‘fucking finish something’, I started the New Year with one goal; complete the first draft of my sci fi novel.

As of midnight on Feb 7th, I’ve added another 30,000 words to my NaNoWriMo work and have written every day bar one (my birthday).

Still a way to go, but this is the longest sustained period of writing I can recall and at the moment the old adage of familiarity breeding contempt is absolutely not true.

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