Edge of Tranquility: Progress Report

We’re past halfway on the Clarion West Write-a-thon, just like that and the pressure is on.  In terms of completed work I’m about 40 pages in, so need to crack on this week.  I guess that’s how I tend to work though, with more done as we approach the deadline.

For me, probably the hardest thing when writing a standalone Sci Fi is avoiding going too detailed. I can already see how this story could be evolved into a longer running TV show for example.  But I’m doing my best to drop lower order plot points that there clearly isn’t time for in a 2 hour plus movie.

The first act is reasonably tight and the while the third act isn’t written yet, the notes have come together and the resolution is clear in my mind.  Act 2 is coming together but is perhaps the least well formed and will definitely take up most of this week and the weekend.

During my research I stumbled upon a memory from my youth and thought I’d share. Always good for stormy summer days (like today) when you couldn’t go play outside.

And yes, I do intend to jimmy this into the script somehow.

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