The Edge of Tranquility

The Cold War never ended.

With few ‘neutral’ lands left to conquer, it was only inevitable that the Soviets and Americans would expand into space.

Working to prevent the Moon from becoming a new battlefield, the major ‘neutral’ nations on Earth – China, India and UK – setup the Tranquility Agreement. No nation can claim any part of the Moon for itself or its government.

The task of ensuring the agreement holds falls to the men and women of Tranquility One, the largest and only permanently inhabited installation on the Moons surface. The small contingent of military and diplomatic personnel are responsible for the safety of the 3000 people who live in the city dubbed by its inhabitants the ‘Grey Eden’.

In 2039, the human race is united in celebration as a long tracked comet prepares to pass between the Earth and the Moon. For the first time in a generation, cold war enemies begin to renew vows of friendship as the near-miss looks set to usher in a new wave of peaceful coexistence.

At least that’s the theory.

On the Moon, old habits die hard and despite the wave of love emanating from Earth, Tranquility One Commander Archie Lewis seems to be spending an increasing amount of time dealing with diplomatic squabbles over the seating arrangements for the ‘big event’.

As the arrival of rich tourists, eager to get the best view of the passing comet, triples the bases contingent, Archie has to deal with a whole new threat – the return of his estranged wife.

The trial separation was her idea. Archie had thought it meant separate suites in the base, not a gap of 250,000 miles. This time he’s determined to ‘get it right’ and nothing is going to prevent a successful reconciliation.

Except of course the outbreak of war on Earth!

As the fragile peace is shattered back home, an act of sabotage at Tranquility One puts the lives of its entire population at risk. With everyone a suspect and reinforcements days away Archie’s crew must bring Cold War enemies together to save the station.

‘Edge of Tranquility’ is a new screenplay I am writing as part of the Clarion West write-a-thon. I am hoping to write a full first draft (about 120 pages) by August 3rd.

Main Characters


  • Archie Lewis: Commander of Tranquility One
  • Rachel Phelps: Captain of the Military Garrison
  • Joseph Wells: Chief Diplomatic Advisor
  • Kyle Strazinski: Astrophysicist and resident genius
  • Marsha Lewis: Archie’s estranged wife


  • John Kirk: US Ambassador
  • Elena Khrushchev: Soviet Ambassador
  • Ilia Orlovsky: Soviet Diplomatic Aid
  • Lord Charles Montford: British Ambassador
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